View Full Version : PL Cash Compared to La Liga

25-05-2011, 07:17 AM
Manchester United have become the first club to top the 60million mark in earnings from Premier League prize money and TV cash.

United earned 60.4million as the new record overseas TV deals saw top-flight clubs bring in up to 7million more than last season.

Blackpool were the lowest earners of the Premier League but still saw 39.1million go into their coffers, while Chelsea earned 57.7m, Manchester City 55.5m and Arsenal 56.2m.

The figures released by the Premier League also show that it has the smallest difference in earnings between the champions and the bottom club in terms of ratio of any major league in Europe.

England's top club earned 1.54 times as much as the bottom in TV money - down from 1.66 last season. In Spain, where TV rights are negotiated on a club-by-club basis, Real Madrid and Barcelona earn 12.5 times more than the smallest clubs in La Liga.


Christ. Never knew it was that bad over there. 12.5 times!