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Xhaka Canít
22-05-2011, 10:43 PM
This is a forum where you can post things that you want to get rid of, or ask for things you need (or even trade one for the other).
All the standard guidelines apply to this forum, but since there's buy/sell activity going on there's a few more things...

Ticket Sales - Please note that no sales of Arsenal tickets for above face value (including booking fee(s)) are allowed under any circumstances.

The Rules

No porn.
No alcohol, tobacco, or weapon sales.
No pirated/bootleg/illegal software sales/trades allowed.
No commercial services or products. Commercial is defined items obtained and sold for the purpose of profit.
Prices must be posted for ALL items, no auctions allowed.
No critical posts. If you have questions, ask them. If you think the price is too high PM the seller with a lower offer or keep it to yourself. This includes posting links to places selling lower priced items.
No scamming. Scamming is misleading the buyer or seller for the purposes of profiting. This may include selling something that is faulty or knowingly misrepresenting the quality of the item to inflate the price. If you scam, you will be banned and reported to the authorities. If you feel you have been scammed, please contact the mods.
Please limit yourself to one or two active threads at a time. If you have a number of items for sale, please put them into one thread.
Please limit the bumping (bringing your thread to the top) to once per day. Also keep in mind that not all items will sell, so try to keep the number of total bumps to a minimum.

Be smart about buying and selling, especially if it's someone you have to ship to/from. Use an online payment service and your Credit Card so you can get your money back if the seller doesn't send the item. If you have 3 posts and the other person has 3,000 expect to have to send the money/item first and the other person will respond after they have verified your half of the deal.

If you have any other suggestions for safe online buy/sell post them here.

Injury Time
23-05-2011, 11:47 PM
Could we agree to edit the start of post titles (Edit Post "Go Advance" to change title) with:

FS: for "FOR SALE"
WTB: for "Want To Buy" when there is something the poster would like e.g. WTB: tickets for United v Arsenal
SOLD: er when "SOLD" funds received
OHPF: for "On Hold Pending Funds" for price agreed awaiting payment (just in case falls through/ need to readvertise etc)
WITHDRAWN: if not sold and poster does not wish to be contacted re the item

Description of goods:
Where condition is important please specify damage e.g. I-phone "crack on screen" etc preferably put up pics to save all time as maybe a deal breaker for some.

£x Offer: if open to reasonable offers around this price
£x OVNO: if open to offers very close to to this price
£x Firm: this is the price you will accept only

Posters to state preferred payment method:

CASH: please people meet in a safe place e.g. bank if large amounts etc
PAYPAL: please specify is expecting buyer to pay fees ~4%
BT: Bank Transfer
Personally payment method to avoid is "PAYPAL Gift" as this gives the buyer no rights in event sale goes wrong (bad enough with "proper" PayPal imho)
P&P If there cost for postage & packing please specify if included or excluded in price and delivery method e.g. recorded delivery etc

@GB; are links to other advert sites acceptable e.g. EBAY, Autotrader etc etc or should the advert be within GW only?

Xhaka Canít
23-05-2011, 11:51 PM
Good stuff there - links to ebay should be ok unless we are talking about selling Arsenal tickets above face value which should always be a no no.

25-05-2011, 07:32 PM
We can add some prefix's to this section (that must be used when posting a new topic) if that'd help?

Injury Time
27-05-2011, 07:13 PM
Jofnn; Prefix's would be good so long as can change them when status of sale changes :good:

27-05-2011, 10:07 PM
Jofnn; Prefix's would be good so long as can change them when status of sale changes :good:

Prefixes have now been added and are required for each new post.