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Thread: Coronavirus Pandemic

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    Chinese whistleblower now saying Chinese communist fucks deliberately released the virus on the rest of the world.


    Sorry, but if you ever followed along with even the published timeline, yeah, China deliberately let infected people get on planes, at the same time they were locking down their own cities.

    It's an act of war.
    But think.

    Why would China (the government) openly leave themselves subject to a global response?

    Well, there are many quislings in the west who would defend them. But that wouldn't be enough. They've infected the whole damn world - deliberately. That much is beyond dispute, based on the established and verified evidence, Plane tickets, dates, etc. Let's not be coy about this.

    But this would mean they are stupid. And we know they aren't stupid.

    So the rest is easy to work out. But I'm not going to go there because it would offend idiots.
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    There's been one case in one year group at our local school.
    The entire year have been told to self-isolate for 14 days, so no school for them.
    Because of one case.

    Last night I went to a church group at someone's house. We sat outside because had we been inside we'd have had to wear masks.
    The previous night I played football, obviously not possible to social distance. So you can play football OK, no risk there.
    But if either you or your friends have more than one child then you can't all meet up now even if you keep your distance.

    Logic and reason left the building ages ago.

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