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Tragic stuff, there seems to be a lot of murders along that canal path. Which is why cameras were installed there. One of the big problems in the US is the murder rate. Not all are going to make the national news. Certainly not one in Indianapolis where the has already been 94 murders this calendar year. In a city of ~1.7m.

The right wingers are all over this, but even in the local news, there is nothing suggesting this is a racial attack. Disgusting if it is, heck it is disgusting, full stop.

What sets aside killings perpetrated by the police from this and why there is so much furore over George Floyd, is that the police are meant to uphold the law and protect citizens. Not kill them. They are public servants and too many of their number are not discharging their responsibilities or don’t even care to do so.

That can’t remain unchecked and the culture that enables them needs to be eradicated.
You may have a point if white cops were literally hunting black people, and if you believe the media then I can see why you'd have this view, but they are not.

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You're trying to deal in facts. Irrelevant. My goal here is to start a race war based on one single incident. Nothing you've said prevents me having my war. You might think I'm an evil cunt for taking one incident and trying to incite people on the back of it. I'd have to agree. In this instance I'm being a massive cunt. But provided people hit the street, shoot, loot and burn, doesn't really matter about me, does it? I can fade into the background - job well done.

Come on then. We have this white genocide to deal with. Let's start victimising blacks. It's the moral thing to do. Based on this one incident. Let's start stopping blacks in the street and demand they kneel. Let's shoot them and claim we have the moral high ground.
While NQ is clearly being facetious this is exactly how the media reacts to the few instances of black people being killed by police. If you can't see that, you're not paying attention.

The fake news media is the ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE.