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You know nothing of significance about F1 - yet you are certain about your conspiracy theory
Comprehension isn't really your forte, is it sunshine? Let me try and help:

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As always I like to think because of incompetence rather than malice
See? I said I wasn't sure if it was some deliberate thing or just idiocy, and I leaned towards the latter.
Fine, I said "manipulated", maybe that was the wrong word. But either way the result was changed by the actions of the race director.
It felt like Arsenal going 3-0 up, the ref sending off two of our players and shouting "next goal wins!"

You should watch the TT and let me know how, exactly, you remove the danger yet still end up with the same result.
My mum lives on the Isle of Man, I have seen the TT live
I personally don't care if it's dangerous - but then I personally don't care about racing at all. And I'd suggest it still is dangerous, your grumble seems to be they've made crashes more survivable, which is a ridiculous thing to complain about.

My issue is that sport should be "may the best man win". If it's just about who has the fastest car then what's the point? I mean, it might be an interesting competition, but it's not sport. F1 isn't just about that of course, but it is a weird mix of the teams trying to make the fastest car, and the drivers trying to be the best driver. It's a sort of mix between a technical competition and a sport.

I think it's similar to some of my problem with modern football. Sure, money has always played a part but now it's such a big factor in where the trophies end up. Who cares which billionaire beats which billionaire? You all but know it's going to be one of them and the rest don't stand a chance, so what's the point?