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Thread: "Currants Bw..."

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    got this mail from TFL - you can translate as "we're massively behind schedule so we're just opening bits of the Lizzie Line so we don't miss the Jubilee deadline..."

    btw where TF is Shenfield - is that even a place?

    "Elizabeth line

    The central section on the Elizabeth line will open on 24 May 2022. The line will initially operate as three separate railways, in the east, west and through central London. Services from Reading, Heathrow and Shenfield will connect with the central tunnels from autumn this year.

    Until autumn 2022:
    • There will be 12 trains an hour (a train every 5 minutes), running between Paddington and Abbey Wood from 06:30 – 23:00, Monday to Saturday. Bond Street is currently closed and will open later on this year.
    • There will be no Sunday services. A special service will operate on Sunday 5 June 2022 for the Platinum Jubilee weekend running from 08:00-22:00
    • Services between Liverpool Street and Shenfield, and Paddington to Heathrow and Reading will continue to operate on Sundays as they do now
    Elizabeth line customers travelling between:
    • Shenfield and the central section of the route will need to change trains at Liverpool Street, walking to/from the new Elizabeth line Liverpool Street station
    • Reading or Heathrow and the central section will need to change trains at Paddington, walking to/from the new Paddington Elizabeth line station
    • Paddington and Abbey Wood only will not need to change
    From autumn 2022:

    The lines from Reading, Heathrow and Shenfield will connect with the central tunnels, so customers travelling:
    • From Reading and Heathrow can travel east all the way to Abbey Wood without changing at Paddington
    • From Shenfield can travel west all the way to Paddington without changing at Liverpool Street
    By May 2023:
    • The separate sections of the Elizabeth line will be fully connected and you will be able to travel seamlessly from Abbey Wood to Heathrow and Reading, and from Shenfield to Heathrow
    • 24 trains an hour will run at the busiest times between Paddington and Whitechapel

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    Milton Keynes

    MO will be dancing in the streets of...there tonight.

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