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Thread: The Top 10 Worst Transfers This Season [Premier League]

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    The Top 10 Worst Transfers This Season [Premier League]

    So I was looking in to some of the worst transfers this season and thought I'd make a short video of my top 10:

    Who would be in your top 10 worst transfers? Who would you replace from my list?

    Let me know your thoughts!

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    I have to be honest and say that I don't really follow the transfers at other clubs - apart from Spurs of course (to laugh at/lament), so most of those I have to take your word for.

    As a Gooner, I would have put Willian at the top opf the list, given his age, his ludicrous 3 year contract, his massive salary (third highest at the club ) and excrable performances. He has done better in the last 2 games but I would still have him there.

    Saliba - I think the jury's out. TBF its looking less like a bad transfer deal and more like a total and utter management fuck up by us. The boy is clearly talented and has been doing well on loan (his recent mistake aside). Could turn out to be a master stroke if he continues his trajectory and the relationship can be repaired.

    Bale at Spurs What makes it so funny is how his signing was seen as such a massive coup that was going to push them on when the reality is that he is a has-been. No Thierry Henry swansong

    As for Chelsea - Lampard's splurge looking ridiculaous. But I guess they have the dosh...
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